LMDTK New 4cells laptop battery FOR ThinkPad T61 R61 T400 R400 Series 41U3196 41U3198 42T4547 42T4652 42T5225 free shipping

Wholesale New 4cells Laptop Battery FOR ThinkPad T61 R61 T400 R400 Series 41U3196 41U3198 42T4547 42T4652
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Item Specifics

Battery Cells4 Cells
Compatible BrandLenovo
Brand NameLMDTK

Product Description

Choose our reasons?

1. We sell all products which are in good quality ,they are 100% brand new.
2. We offer 2 years warranty for all items, you can buy with confidence.
3. All Items are tested well by our quality department before sending out.
4. All products are sold in stock, then we can make sure to ship out immediately once payment completed.
5. Warning:For different countries to produce different batches of different, our battery label may be a bit different from your original battery, but this does not affect the use of

battery of different batches of production, the appearance of a different version, the picture is for reference only, to prevail in kind

1. The first use of the new battery, please first full of electricity and then run out to about 5%-10% and then filled, to fully activate the lithium ion to reach the maximum capacity,
2. Do not discharge the new battery to 0% otherwise it is easy to damage the battery to make the battery life shorter
3. For a long time without the use of batteries need to charge to more than 70% of the preservation, storage time is best not more than 3 months
4. Long term use of charger, at least 1 months to use a single battery
5. Battery life is about times 600 the charge and discharge Laptop
6. After receipt of the goods found that the battery can not be charged, please check your power adapter
7. Battery can not charge, battery, motherboard, power adapter, the temperature may affect the battery can not work

41U3196 41U3198 42T4547 42T4652 42T5225 42T5227 42T5228 42T5229 ASM 42T4533 ASM 42T5265 FRU 42T4530 FRU 42T4532 FRU 42T4548 FRU 42T4645 FRU 42T5262 FRU 42T5264


FOR THINKPAD R400 7443 FOR THINKPAD R400 Series FOR THINKPAD R60 (14-Inch Wide) FOR THINKPAD R61 7732 FOR THINKPAD R61 7733 FOR THINKPAD R61 7734 FOR THINKPAD R61 7735 FOR THINKPAD R61 7736 FOR THINKPAD R61 7737 FOR THINKPAD R61 7738 FOR THINKPAD R61 7742 FOR THINKPAD R61 7743 FOR THINKPAD R61 7744 FOR THINKPAD R61 7751 FOR THINKPAD R61 7753 FOR THINKPAD R61 7754 FOR THINKPAD R61 7755 FOR THINKPAD R61 Series(14.1” widescreen) FOR THINKPAD R61 Series(14-inch wide) FOR THINKPAD R61i 7732 FOR THINKPAD R61i 7742 FOR THINKPAD R61i Series(14.1” widescreen) FOR THINKPAD R61i Series(14-inch wide) FOR THINKPAD T400 2764 FOR THINKPAD T400 2765 FOR THINKPAD T400 6473 FOR THINKPAD T400 7417 FOR THINKPAD T400 Series FOR THINKPAD T60 (14-Inch Wide) FOR THINKPAD T61 1959 FOR THINKPAD T61 6377 FOR THINKPAD T61 6378 FOR THINKPAD T61 6379 FOR THINKPAD T61 6480 FOR THINKPAD T61 6481 FOR THINKPAD T61 7658 FOR THINKPAD T61 7659 FOR THINKPAD T61 7660 FOR THINKPAD T61 7661 FOR THINKPAD T61 7662 FOR THINKPAD T61 7663 FOR THINKPAD T61 7664 FOR THINKPAD T61 7665 FOR THINKPAD T61 Series(14.1” widescreen) FOR THINKPAD T61 Series(14-inch wide) FOR THINKPAD T61p Series(14.1” widescreen) FOR THINKPAD T61u Series(14.1” widescreen)

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