Pengiriman cepat gratis kualitas hood Unit paparan UV untuk Foil Hot Pad PCB cetak + 4 pcs A4 photopolymer piring

SPE3120 Exposure Unit
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Item Specifics

Product Description

hot foil stamping plate making

Plate or die making is the key of hot foil stamping. Water soluble photopolymer plate is currently the simplest, fastest and least—cost plate making method. We are supplying a die making kit to our customers, once they own this kit, they can make hot foil stamping die by themselves.

In the process of foil stamping, it is used to exposure. The printed transparency film and photopolymer plate touches each other closely. Turn on the power, the UV rays shine through the film and to the plate, the light part of the plate will have a photochemical reaction, and changes into some other thing that will not soluble in water. After cleaning the plate, this part can be left as a raised part. While the light-tight part of the film block the rays so this area of the plate can be soluble in the water when you washing the plate.

Main features

Digital Auto-Off timer with Auto-Repetition

6 UV fluorescent tubes

10.2"x8.3" exposure capacity

Heavy duty extruded steel frame

User-friendly desktop design with long-term life span


PCB\'s Hot Foil Polymer Plates making Letterpress Polymer Plates making Pad Printing Plates making Sandblasting plate making Glass etching Stencils making Rubber Stamps plate making Screen printing plate making Parameters: Exposing area: 10.2"x8.3"(260x210mm) Voltage: 110v Time Range: 0-330 seconds Light power: 48Wsix 8W UV fluorescent bulbs ) Machine size: 12.6"x12.5"x4.3"(320x317x108mm) Package dimensions: 14.6"x14.6"x5.5"(370x370x140mm) Net weight: 8.4Lb(3.8kg) Shipping weight: 10.6Lb(4.8kg)

A4 Photopolymer Plate

This photopolymer plate has two layers, the upper layer is photopolymer plate about 0.03 inch thickness, part of it will solidify after UV exposure, while the rest part without exposure can dissolve in the water. The lower layer is aluminum plate, about 0.008 inch thickness.


High quality water soluble photopolymer plate made in Japan High thermal conductivity and pollution free Heat resistant up to 302-320F (150-160) Simple plate making process in short time Relief: 0.026" (0.68mm) Base:0.008" (0.2mm) Size: 8"1/4 X11" 3/4 (210mm X 297mm) Net weight:0.51Lb(0.23kg)

Items Included:

1) 1 set of 10.2"x8.3" Exposure Unit (010031)
2) 3 pcs of A4 Photopolymer Plate (010006)