2Pcs With EU Plug Or No 45mm Humidifier Ultrasonic Mist Maker Industrial Incubator 24V Nebulizer Atomizer Head Fogger

Industrial Incubator Humidifier Ultrasonic Mist Maker 24V Nebulizer Atomizer Head Fogger Aroma For Humidifier And Plug
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Item Specifics

Water-shortage Power-off ProtectionYes
Mist Outlet QuantityOne
Humidifying Capacity300ml/h
Humidification MethodMist Discharge
Brand Namewarmtoo
Power TypeUSB
Humidity ControlTouch Type
FunctionUltrasonic Sterilize
Operation MethodKeyboard Type
Time to marketAug-15
TypeUltrasonic Humidifier
Timing FunctionNo
Voltage (V)Other
Power (W)Other

Product Description

There are two kinds of this product, please note when order it: the one is with 2 plug, and the other one is without the plug.!!!
Operating voltage: 24 (V)
Power: 19 (W) (sign 1W)
Atomization amount:> 400cc / har
Operating frequency: 1700 ± 50 (KHZ)
Transducer plates diameter: 2cm
Effective level: 20mm ~ 75mm
Working temperature: 5 ~ 45 Celsius
Lantern: No light water level sensor switch:
Font door high H1.2cm
Atomizing head diameters: 4.5cm
High: 3.5cm
Plug Type: 5.5 × 2.1mm female plug
Suitable For:Family, air-conditioned rooms, beauty salons, hotels, hospitals, offices, kindergartens,
Kara OK rooms and other living spaces
How to use
1. Find a container mounted on the clean water, pure water is not available, the atomizing head flat on a container filled with water
2. Depth enough to cover the atomizing head side door black font 1-2CM appropriate level sensor, the water is too deep will not fog
3. Turn on the power, you can spray. Note that power is not splashed water
Packing Included

2x Ultrasonic Mist Maker

(or with 2 x Plug )

1. A single spray head can not be used, must be equipped with 24V800MA power can be used.
2, the surface of the product is zinc alloy electroplating, spray head is made of plastic irrigation
sealants when cleaning the surface will scratch, but will not affect functionality. Please understand
3, due to the atomizing head and the water temperature has a great relationship, beginning perhaps
we have not tried it on a picture so good results but after a few minutes or a little bit of hot water plus
the effect will be very good.
4, not too much water containers, or ineffective, the best level is 2-7CM, no more than the level of fog,
below this level will not fog or mist is very small

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