EMCP162 BGA186 Socket adapter with clamshell programming USB HDD flash memory mobile tablet data recovery socket

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Product Description

eMCP162 BGA186 Socket/adapter with clamshell programming adapter USB HDD flash memory mobile tablet data recovery socket
Product introduction
Product use:EMCP, test block, the IC chip test, read and write
Test method 1 select and IC match the limit frame, the IC according to the direction of the flat into the SOCKET
2 USB wire inserted into the computer USB interface, open the power switch of the element, select the appropriate test procedures
Applicable package: EMCP162/186Pin spacing 0.5mm
Test seat: EMCP162/186-0.5
Service life: 100 thousand times
1, at the same time compatible with 162-FBGA 186-FBGA
2, shrapnel adopts import beryllium copper formed by high precision stamping dies, head shape imitation probe design, the late addition of hard, thick gold plating layer processing, so as to ensure product reliability and durability
3, support hot plug and a power switch is individually, supported by USB interface or through the connection with the plate on the gill corresponding pin is connected to test
4, the floating plate structure, positioning precision, take the IC convenient, more efficient work
5, test board welding on the transit board, test seat without welding, on the plug in the adapter board can be changed easily.
Package Including :
1 * BGA162/186 socket
1 * PCB test board with USB
Specification size
Model: EMCP162/186 test block adapter
Pin spacing (mm):0.5
Pin PIN number: 17
Chip size: 12*18 14*18 11.5*13 12*16
(default with a size of the limit box, trouble before placing a single
contact or message specified, plus purchase limit box price of USD8,if
you need,please tell me by inBox).

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